Gift Guide: The Perfect Hydration System for Everyone on Your List

November 23 2021 – Matt Hoskins

Gift Guide: The Perfect Hydration System for Everyone on Your List
Gift Guide: The Perfect Hydration System for Everyone on Your List

Holiday shopping for everyone on your list is no easy task. It’s hard to know what everyone wants, not to mention what they already have. It’s also tough to shop for that outdoor enthusiast who seems to have everything — or who’s very picky about their gear. Luckily, we’re here to help.

The right hydration pack or reservoir makes a versatile, practical, and thoughtful gift for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life. It’s useful for a wide range of outdoor activities, and will quickly become a favorite piece of gear. 

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the ease of a hydration system, allowing them to focus on what matters. Keeping hydration convenient and out-of-the-way allows for safer — and more enjoyable — outdoor recreation. 

Picking the Right System 

There are lots of hydration systems on the market, and it can be tough to know which one to choose. At Mazama Designs, we make hydration gear for different seasons, activities, preferences, and environments. This guide will help you pick the perfect hydration gift for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life.

For example, does your gift need to function in freezing cold conditions, or will it get most of its use in mild weather? Does your giftee already have a favorite backpack and need a hydration pack to go with it, or do they need the whole system? Do they go on long, multi-day trips or stick to shorter day hikes and rides?

If you can answer some of these questions, we can help you find the perfect hydration gift for everyone on your list. Read on to learn about suggestions for the best hydration gifts for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life

Gifts for the Hiker

Hiking has been growing in popularity, and we’re all for it. This accessible, beginner-friendly activity is the perfect introduction to the outdoors. One of the best things about hiking is that you can really choose your own adventure — steep or flat, short or long, day hike or overnighter. Knowing where and how your hiking friend gets outside can help you pick the perfect hydration gift for them.

If your friend likes to backpack or take long, strenuous day hikes, our INTAKE 3L Hydration Reservoir has a large capacity and is easy to load into a pack. The top-fill feature stays open when it needs to be filled and seals tightly for a no-leak closure. 

If you’re shopping for someone who is newer to hiking or prefers shorter hikes, they may not need a reservoir with such a large capacity. Two-liter reservoirs are sufficient for shorter hikes, and they’re compatible with a bigger range of daypacks. Our INTAKE 2L Hydration Reservoir is a great choice for easy fill-up, while our Trailflow Hydration Reservoir is a simple and reliable choice.

If your giftee doesn’t have a daypack, we can help with that, too. Our Tumalo Hydration Pack is a great choice for the new hiker. Comfortable and light, this pack includes our premium 3-liter taste-free reservoir. With a wide-mouth port, filling and cleaning become easy tasks. The pack also has space for other day hiking essentials like snacks, extra layers, and a cell phone. It’s a one-stop-shop for the new hiker who’s ready to hit the trail!

Gifts for the Cyclist 

Cyclists benefit from easy hydration, especially when it comes to convenience and safety. When barreling down a trail or navigating a busy road, it’s important for cyclists to have a smooth, seamless hydration system — because distractions can be dangerous.

Road riders don’t often head out without a bottle in their bike cage, and our 25 oz BPA-Free Bike Bottle makes a great choice. A universal fit, one-handed shutoff, and wide-mouth opening make this the perfect bottle for any bike. 

For the mountain bikers on your list, our Tumalo Hydration Pack carries three liters of water and fits snugly and comfortably against the lower back. For riders in warmer climates, our INTAKE 2L Insulated Reservoir keeps water cold during hot-weather rides. The INTAKE, like all Mazama reservoirs, is compatible with just about any pack. 

For MTB'rs that have a waistpack, Mazama's 1.5 L Lumbar reservoir fits a wide range of lumbar packs and features an easy open, top fill port. 


Gifts for the Dog Lover

Everyone’s got a dog lover on their holiday list. There’s a lot of overlap between outdoor enthusiasts and dog lovers, so why not give one gift that appeals to both passions?

For dog owners who love to take their furry friends on the trail, it takes a little extra planning to make sure both hiker and dog have everything they need for a safe, comfortable hike. A dog-friendly hydration system makes a great gift for these outdoors-loving pet owners. 

Our INTAKE 2L Insulated Reservoir is a helpful gift for dog owners, especially those who hike in warmer climates or on freezing winter days. Having cold water on a hot day helps their dog cool down, and on chilly days, the insulated reservoir keeps water from freezing. 

Of course, carrying enough water for their dog isn’t enough — they also need an easy method of dispensing the water into a bowl or dish. Our Quikstream Pump attaches to their Mazama reservoir and lets them dispense water quickly and easily — no bite straw needed. The Quickstream Pump makes it convenient to fill up a dog bowl with the water they’re already carrying. No need to carry extra bottles for the pup!

Gifts for the Skier 

With the holidays around the corner, ski season is upon us (at least in colder climates, that is). It’s likely you’ve got a skier on your holiday shopping list, and we’ve got the perfect hydration systems for the sport. 

Your favorite skiers will love a low-profile hydration system that doesn’t take up a lot of pack space or get in the way when they’re riding a chairlift. Skiers can carry plenty of water in a 2-liter system, and our INTAKE 2L LT and Trailflow Hydration Reservoir are both no-fuss, simple models compatible with just about any pack. Add our Insulated Drink Tube to keep water from freezing, and it’s the perfect hydration system for hitting the slopes.

Nordic skiers need to stay hydrated too. Many cross-country enthusiasts enjoy the full range of movement they get when skiing without a backpack, so a fanny pack might suit them better.  Mazama's Sidestream waistpack features a retracting drink tube for convenient hydration while you glide. 

If they’ve already got a fanny pack, outfit them with our 1.5-liter Lumbar Reservoir. This easy-fill reservoir works great with most fanny packs and waist packs for skiers who want to travel efficiently. Our Insulated Drink Tube works beautifully with this system to keep water from freezing on bitter cold days.

Give the Gift of Hydration this season 

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, a hydration system makes a universally great gift. Show your loved ones you care, and encourage them to enjoy more time outdoors with a hydration system that matches their lifestyle.

Did we miss someone on your list? Head to for our full range of products including packs, reservoirs, bottles, and accessories.