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Mazama Designs is an outdoor-products development company, committed to providing innovative, high-quality products that will enhance your enjoyment and performance. We’re a group of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes with a passion for improving the gear we use every day. Our testing grounds are just out the back door in the high desert country of Central Oregon, where there is no shortage of gear challenges.

Mazama offers a complete line of innovative, patented/patent-pending water bladder systems and replacement parts for virtually every backpack in the market. All incorporate Made-in-USA Metallocene film, for a true taste-free drink of cold water. Our Celilo “DualCap” bladders are a perfect replacement for any CamelBak backpack, and our “Windigo” bladder is the easiest, fastest bladder to open, fill, and close in the market; the full-length handle makes is very easy to insert the full bladder into a pack.

Matt Hoskins, our company’s founder and chief product developer’s search for the perfect hydration pack that inspired our Sidestream™ waistpack. Matt sought to design a comfortable, convenient system that would allow a runner to drink on the move with minimal distraction and without disrupting the pace. The Sidestream™ embodies the Mazama design philosophy: build clean, streamlined products that integrate seamlessly with the activity at hand. Whether you’re recreating or racing, every minute counts, they shouldn’t be wasted messing with your gear.

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1. CamelBak is a registered trademark of CamelBak Products LLC