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COMING SOON Collapsible Bottles
NEW MAZAMA SOFT FLASK 500 AND 750 ml Water Bottles

Taste-free film
Hygienic mouthpiece cover
Streaming or bite valve flow
Mazama's new soft bottles are made with our taste-free film so you'll taste water not plastic.   These collapsible bottles are available in 500 and 750 ml capacities and feature Mazama's unique GYZR bite valve which offers bite-activated or streaming flow.  The 1/4 turn protective mouthpiece cap provides hygienic drinking and a reliable, leakproof sealing.  Mazama's soft bottles include a convenient finger loop for carrying and an easy fill screw port opening.  Compatible with running vest pockets and pack bottle holsters and even pockets, Mazama's Soft Bottle is the perfect option for hikers, runners, cyclists, travelers and anyone else needing simple, convenient hydration on-the-go.