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Intake Reservoir Features


INTAKE is Mazama’s most advanced reservoir yet. INTAKE™ offers a unique combination of features to provide effortless hydration. Fluid delivery is fast and efficient with INTAKE’s large bore drink tube and new high flow GYZR™ bite valve. Fill-up is quick and easy with the expandable Flexfill™top fill opening and simple INTAKE offers taste-free water in a universal-fit shape. Self-expansion features help with fill up and reservoir drying. Drink tube connection is quick and easy with the integrated mid-line quick connect. A large bore drink tube and our one-of-a kind bite valve with free flow mode for streaming flow and drink tube drying complete the set. INTAKE Reservoirs are available in 4 different models: 3 L with full length handle, 2 L with full length handle, 2 L LT, and our insulated 2 L with full length handle.



-New GYZR™ bite valve and 5/16” ID high flow drink tube offers 20% faster flow

-No leak 360˚ bite valve (invented by Mazama) offers fluid access from any orientation (vs. CB), autoseals after every sip

-Flip-n-Stick™ magnetic retainer ensures the bite valve is always at hand with drink-and-drop auto-locating. Flip-n-Stick™ absorbs trail shock to ensure bite valve stays on your pack

-The twistable GYZR™ mouthpiece offers streaming flow for those big thirst-quenching moments. You can even use to wash your hands or fill your dog bowl!


-Universal reservoir shape and low-profile make it easy to slide into your pack

-Optional full-length handle assists loading into full packs and eliminates reservoir slumping (no hang loop needed)

-Mid-line quick connect lets you leave the drink tube on the pack for quick & easy fill-up

-Center baffle reduces sloshing and prevents sausaging, keeping the reservoir flat to your back

-GYZR’s™ one hand push button shut-off prevents inadvertent leaking during pack transport


-Wide-mouth, top-fill opening with FlexFill™ stays open so you can add water (and ice!) one-handed

-Optional full-length handle offers a sturdy grip during fill-up

-FoldLock™ closure seals quickly and securely every time for leakproof performance (no cross-threaded, unsecure screwcap that leaks all over your pack)


-Food-grade, USA-made film has no plastic taste and is BPA-free.

-Expandable, FlexFill™ keeps the reservoir walls apart for faster and more complete drying than standard reservoirs, discouraging grunge growth between uses

-GYZR™ valve offers full flow mode for efficiently draining and drying your drink tube


-Strong Metallocene alloy film resists punctures and flexes to absorb impacts

-High strength heat-welded seams

-All Mazama products and backed by a Lifetime Warranty

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