About Mazama Designs


Mazama Designs is an outdoor gear development company committed to providing innovative, high-quality products that will enhance your enjoyment and performance.   Our mission is to keep people hydrated so that they can make the most of their outdoor moments. We’re a group of outdoor enthusiasts and athletes with a passion for improving the gear we use every day. Our testing grounds are just out the back door in the high desert country of Central Oregon, where there’s no shortage of gear challenges.  Mazama offers full line of hydration solutions including comfortable, lightweight packs, easy-fill reservoirs, and innovative accessories.  Whether it’s a walk around the block or a wilderness adventure, our products are designed to make your day better. 

Mazama’s genesis goes back to the early 1990’s when a near bike wreck caused by a fumbled water bottle led to the development of our first hydration product, a pump-assisted delivery system for cyclists and runners. Over the years, we’ve continued to develop solutions to help people hydrate as they move through the outdoors.  Today, Mazama offers the most innovative and complete line of hydration systems and accessories in the market.

Our Central Oregon home is blessed with an extensive trail system, mountains, lakes, and streams, sun and snow, badlands, uplands and everything in-between and has long been the catalyst for the products we create.  

We are skiers, cyclists, runners, and hikers ourselves and we continually strive to make gear that is ready at a moment’s notice, day-in and day out, all year long.  Practicality and versatility are prized attributes.   If we can help you get out the door and enjoy a moment in the sunshine then we’ve done our job. We're about enriching everyday adventures and more. 

Affordable, state-of-the-art innovation with no compromises embodies the Mazama design philosophy: build clean, streamlined products that integrate seamlessly with the activity at hand.

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Happy Trails!