Trailflow63 Hydration Reservoir

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  • Health and Environment: Mazama products prioritize health and the environment with 100% BPA and PVC-free reservoirs crafted from USA-made, food-grade film for a taste-free experience.
  • Innovative 88mm Threaded Fill Port: The Trailflow63 comes equipped with an industry standard 63mm threaded fill port, for seamless filling and cleaning while reducing the chance of spills.
  • Convenient Leak-Proof Fill Port: The 88mm threaded leak-proof fill port adds convenience to hydration routines, ensuring hassle-free filling and cleaning.
  • Patented GYZR Valve Technology: Enjoy versatile and user-friendly hydration with the patented GYZR Valve offering a bite-to-drink position and continuous water flow.
  • Quick Connect at Exit-Port: Swiftly remove the bladder from your pack with the Trailflow-88's Quick Connect feature, enhancing hydration convenience during outdoor adventures.
  • Available in 2.0L 
  • Specs: 15" x 6.75", 5.5 oz. empty weight

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