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Ultravalve Conversion Kit

$6.99 $9.99

Innovative new valve offers bite valve or open flow! Mazama's Ultravalve Kit allows you to use the standard bite valve feature, or open flow for continuous fluid delivery. The open flow mode also ensures the drink tube can be fully air dried after reservoir use and cleaning. Just twist the sheath to switch to open flow mode. The Ultravalve's bite valve rotates right or left so you can route your drink tube over either shoulder. To shut-off flow, turn the valve straight-ahead. The included "Flip-N-Stick" magnet retainer grabs your bite valve and offers improved holding power when the going gets rough.

Connect to your current bladder using the standard quick connect connector or attach the 1/4" ID tube to your reservoir's barbed exit port.

  • High flow 360 degree bite valve
  • Left or right articulating shut off
  • Open flow or bite valve flow
  • Fits standard hydration systems
  • Flip-N-Stick magnet retention
  • Quick connect with auto shut-off