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25 oz BPA-Free Bike Bottle


Our 750 ml Mazama Squeeze Water Bottle is in a class all its own. A special water bottle tailored to cyclists and bikers, perfect for anyone that likes hiking or backpacking, and anyone that just wants a nice, high-quality water bottle that’s convenient and easy to use.

Our Mazama Water Bottle has two convenient drinking modes; you can squeeze-n-squirt water or, use it in bite-valve mode like that of a hydration reservoir bladder.

Our high-flow water bottle is BPA-free and PVC-free so it is taste-free and won’t cause any off flavors in your water; just great tasting water delivered when you want it.

Our bite-valve water bottle is perfect for anyone on-the-go thanks to its one-handed shut-off operation; using one hand you can lock the water bottle before tossing it worry-free into a backpack or gym bag; this feature makes it perfect when you’re engaging in physical activity or sports activities and need to snag a drink quickly, simply flip the switch by pressing down with one finger and you’re good to go.

The Mazama Locking Water Bottle and Sports Bottle features a wide-mouth opening for easy filling, cleaning, and loading with ice to keep your drinks extra cold.