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Replacement Drink Tube Set

$6.99 $9.99

Replace your drink tube with this set from Mazama Designs. The set includes a standard drink tube, high flow bite valve, and mid-line quick connect. The low-profile bite valve features a one-handed, push button shut-off. An integrated magnetic tethers the bite valve to pack strap for easy access. The magnetic strap retainer attaches to either 3/4" or 1" wide pack straps. A mid-line quick-connect allows easy removal of the bladder from a backpack. The quick-connect automatically shuts off flow from the reservoir whenever it is disconnected. Compatible with any hydration reservoirs that feature 1/4" ID drink tubes. Connect to an existing quick connect port or directly to your bladder's barbed exit port.

  • Upgrade your drink tube set
  • Fits popular hydration systems
  • High flow, no-leak, 360 degree bite valve
  • Convenient one-handed shut-off button
  • Includes magnetic bite valve retainer
  • Mid-line quick disconnect for easy reservoir loading/unloading