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QuikStream Hydration Pump Kit

$7.69 $10.99

Do your friends need water but didn't invest in a hydration reservoir, like you? Dirty after hiking? Need to wash those camping dishes? Are you looking for a quick, easy and no-fuss way to get water where you need it?

Enter the Quikstream Hydration System Pump Kit.

Quikstream offers on-demand, pressurized flow with no sucking required. Just squeeze and squirt for a 2 oz fluid burst - instant gratification. Handy for pressurized fluid delivery, on-the-go bike and equipment spray off, cooling off, hydrating others without sharing a mouthpiece, or giving your dog a good wash after a day of hiking on the trail. Quikstream is also perfect for dishwashing while camping, a quik rinse after a trip to the beach, and doing anything else where you might benefit from a good hosing down.

Mazama's Quikstream has gotten a modern update for the 21st Century; with all temperature, taste-free medical grade silicone, an integrated squirt/bite valve mouthpiece for versatile use, and screw-on top and bottom for easy disassembly and cleaning. Includes a pump holster for connecting the pump to your pack straps for easy grab-and-squeeze operation. The Quick Connect coupler connects to standard hydration backpack systems.