Product Review by FreshAir Junkie - February 21, 2020

Review: Mazama AXE & Top Fill 3L Hydration Reservoirs

We really liked the high-power magnets that easily attached to our daypack’s shoulder strap and didn’t dislodge so easily with any slight tug or movement of the pack. The Top Fill fits most all kinds of day and backpack models, including slim bicycling packs made for three-liter reservoirs.
For those of us who have a variety of packs, the AXE 3L Reservoir is a bit more convenient. It has the same bite valve on the drink tube, but it features a full-length plastic handle. It was designed to make it easier to hold and fill the reservoir from a water spigot or fountain. We liked that it also provides additional rigidity while stuffed in a daypack or backpack that may not have a reservoir pocket. It keeps the bladder from losing its shape as the water level decreases, preventing it from moving around in the pack. It also features a quick disconnect at the top of the bladder, making it easy to leave your drink tube secured on your pack’s shoulder pad while you refill the reservoir.

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